Grapes – Bonheur

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Origin: RSA, selected by ARC-Nietvoorbij from a cross between Barlinka and Alphonse Lavallée. Released in 1986.
Prune with semi-long bearers (4-6 buds). Sunburn can occur on berries of bunches exposed to sun. Good affinity with known rootstocks except Ramsey. Good storage ability. Plant breeders’ rights: ARC-Nietvoorbij (ZA 87354).
Shape: conical to round
Size: medium
Density: good, slightly compact
Shape: slightly short oval
Colour: blue-black
Mass: 10-12 g
Taste: sweet natural
Texture: firm
Skin: medium
Vigour: strong
Fruitfulness: good
Bud burst: middle September
Full bloom: late October
Harvest date: middle February