Grapes – Dan Ben Hannah (Black)

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Origin: Israel, selected from a cross between Black Mikveh and Alphonse Lavallée. Imported from Israel and released in South Africa in 1973.
Prune with semi-long bearers (4-6 buds). Thrives well on most soils. Avoid too fertile soils. Good affinity with known rootstocks. Can have berry split under unfavourable conditions, but less than Alphonse Lavellée. Good storage ability.
Shape: long-conical
Size: medium-large
Density: well filled, dense
Shape: oval
Colour: black
Mass: 7-8 g
Taste: sweet natural
Texture: moderate to firm
Skin: tough and slightly tannin like
Vigour: strong
Fruitfulness: good
Bud burst: middle September
Full bloom: late October
Harvest date: late January to early February