Grapes – Dauphine (White)

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Origin: RSA, selected at Bien Donné from open pollinated progeny of Almeria. Released in 1983.
Prune with semi-long bearers (4-6 buds). Thrives best on medium to heavy soils. Heat damage can sometimes occur on young vines. Reasonable resistance to berry splitting but neck cracking can occur. Good storage ability. Can remain on vine for a long time under favourable conditions. Good affinity with known rootstocks.
Shape: conical
Size: large
Density: good, slightly dense
Shape: long-oval
Colour: white straw-coloured
Mass: 8-10 g
Taste: sweet to neutral
Texture: firm
Skin: tough and slightly tannin like
Vigour: strong
Fruitfulness: good
Bud burst: middle September
Full bloom: early November
Harvest date: middle March