Grapes - Red Globe (Red)

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Origin: One of the oldest cultivars still cultivated. Originally spread from Zibbo in North Africa to Europe. Probably brought to South Africa by Jan van Riebeeck.
Prune with semi-long bearers (8 buds). Thrives best on medium to heavy soils. Good affinity with known rootstocks. Mainly used for drying and marketed as a sultana type. More fruitful and better resistant to berry split than Sultana.
Shape: oblong
Size: medium
Density: good
Shape: round
Colour: straw-coloured
Mass: 3 g
Taste: sweet to neutral
Texture: soft
Skin: medium
Vigour: strong
Fruitfulness: moderate-good
Bud burst: middle September
Full bloom: late October
Harvest date: late January

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