Litchi - Mauritius No 5 (Yellow)

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Litchi - Mauritius No 5 (Yellow)

The most common cultivar in South Africa. The litchi tree is attractive, dense, round-topped, slow-growing, 9 to 30 m high and equally broad. Fruits are in loose, pendent clusters,strawberry-red, sometimes rose, pinkish or amber, and some types tinged with green. Most are aromatic, oval, heart-shaped or nearly round, have a thin, leathery, rough or minutely warty skin. Immediately beneath the skin is a small volume of clear, delicious juice that separates readily from the seed. The flavour of the flesh is sub-acid and distinctive.This group is the most frequently planted, both locally and abroad. The cultivars produce satisfactory yields and fruit of good quality.

Litchis grow best in a subtropical climate with high summer temperatures, low and frost-free winter temperatures.


December – January.

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